Secret Owl Society by Michelle Rohr


United States and Portugal

I worked with my idol, this is the most important thing I can say. When I started working as a freelancer, I read a book by Carrie Green “She Means Business” and in one of the chapters, she writes about the wonderful story of Michelle Rohr, a woman who made all her dreams come true “taking 100% responsability of herself”, starting from the bottom to obtain economic freedom for her, her husband and 2 children. She is a great coach and inspires women worldwide to be independent and work on their dreams, without needing to stifle their creativity and intuition.

So working with her has been a dream come true, she uses my illustrations to represent women like me who want to create from our intuition, our magic places, do what we love, take opportunities, and awaken our creativity. My illustrations are always present in her Newsletter and websites.